How to start playing City Quest?

Step by step

  1. Buy the game.

  2. When you are ready to play go to the starting point of the game. The starting point is: Hauser Pl. 26B, 1127 København, Denmark​.

  3. When you are at the starting point, turn on your phone's location services. It is important to do it before opening our game app!​

  4. Now you can open our game app at

  5. Each purchase gets you 4 unique codes - one code per player. *Each Player uses their own smartphone and code.

  6. The first task will be Tutorial. Here you can figure out which phone respond to GPS signal the best.

  7. *If your phone does not respond, then you can’t use your phone for playing on your own. But can still join any other player as a “helper” by entering the same code they have.

  8. Once you have entered a code you can start the game.

  9. Use the codes ONLY WHEN YOU ARE AT THE STARTING POINT! Do Not enter them before.

  10. We recommend using ether the Safari and Google Chrome browser.